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My baby...back when he was...

Today was my first time teaching baby massage.  I will be teaching baby massage every Tuesday at The Mothering Touch from 11-noon.  The classes are on a drop in basis and you can pay by class or get a punch card that you can use for any of their classes.

I had a great turn-out of about 10 babies and 11 parents (yeah for the one Dad!).  As this was my first class and the first class of the fall we kept things pretty simple; introductions, basic safety, a full body massage demo and some information on the basic benefits of massage for you baby.  Overall it went well, though I was a bit too speedy in my demo.  Any time I get a bit nervous I become speedier – plus I was demonstrating on a lovely doll who gave me no trouble at all, moved when and where I wanted, didn’t make a peep (or a poop!).  That is my bit of learning – slow down and breathe.  I did use the extra time to spend some one on one time with some attendees.  I enjoyed getting to squidge some babies!

The basic format of the class will stay the same intro, massage, questions, info.  Given that the class is a drop-in I want to makes sure each class at least gets the basics of a full body massage for their child and that safety tips are covered.

...and the more up to date look...


The info part will vary the most.  I am going to have a series of topics I will cover, some regularly and some may be one-offs or by requests.  I am hoping to include colic/gas treatments, special needs babies and a geek out class for learning about the most fascinating

bits of your baby (i.e. no kneecaps!).  I will work on a few more topics and will always welcome input from the Mom’s.  

I had lots of fun in any case and look forward to more classes!



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