Aromatherapy and a change in hours….

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Happy spring to you all,

I have decided to place an unscheduled aromatherapy order this Friday so if there are any essential oils, base oils, skin care products or the like you wish to buy from my supplier for the usual 20% mark up please let me know by Thursday night.  To see a selection you can go to the website.  Please note that the listed prices include the 20% mark up, but will have HST added.

As you all know I have been teaching baby massage classes at the Mothering Touch since September.  I have found it to be a lovely addition to my practice.  Due to lower numbers in the nice weather though we have decided to call off classes for the summer and resume in the fall on a new day.  What this means to you is that I will be adding Tuesday morning hours for the summer.  As of this coming week Tuesday hours will be from 10 to 5.  I will still be offering the Tuesday night time at 7pm.

I hope the spring is finding you and that you are enjoying the long, light evenings.

Sheila Hobbs, RMT
Modalities Wellness


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