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New hours as Max begins kindergarten in September…
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Plenty of changes….

As you will see to the right there are several office closures coming up, and a change of hours that is happening in September when Max begins kindergarten.  The second week of September will be the restarting of my infant massage classes at the Mothering Touch as well.  Those classes will be happening on Tuesday from 11:30-12:30 – tell any new Moms you know.  The dust should then settle for the foreseeable future.

Lots of events coming up both here at the office and in the city, the end of the summer is looking pretty fun.

There is also an aromatherapy order coming up after I get back.  Again, the terms are my cost+2-% and more information can be found on the website.

— Sheila Hobbs

Upcoming Events

August 13-25:
Smalltown: a Pickup Musical
at the Belfry Theatre SKAM premieres a great musical (I saw previews)

August 21
Vino e Sputino
at Pizzaria Primastrade on Bridge Street

August 22-Sept 1
Fringe Festival
at various venues

August 28/13
aromatherapy order
from the office

August 30-Sept 1
Classic Boat Festival
in the Inner Harbour

August 31-Sept 2
Victoria Blues Bash
at various venues

baby massage
at the Mothering Touch

Office Hours

Wednesday, August 21 to Monday, August 26 (wedding)

Tuesday, September 3 (but open on Monday, September 2!) (family)

Thursday, September 19 to Monday, September 23 (being an examiner!)


Monday         10-5:30
Tuesday         9-5:30
Wednesday  10-5:30
Thursday       10-5:30
Friday              9-2:00

office hours are changing to better suit life as Max heads off to kindergarten.  I hope everyone can find times in the new schedule that suit them.

Wounds and stitches

On the weekend the Scout Canada group the boys attend were doing clean up at the Dragon Boat Festival, our big annual fund raiser.  During the final clean-up Sunday night Bernard managed to give himself a small puncture wound in the web space of his thumb.  His hands were dirty from the work and he so was the little knife he was holding so the on-site first aid people recommended a tetanus shot and, because of the location, a stitch or two.  Off to the walk-in clinic we went, a bit of a wait and some wincing later Bernard had his one stitch and his tetanus shot.

The purpose of that little recap is to lead into the question of: why stitches?  Largely stitches are used to hold wounds closed, obviously.  Other than to prevent nasty things from going in and/or blood from coming out why is that important?  It comes back to one of my favorite topics – scars – and in this case, their formation.  By keeping the raw edges of the wound close together you give your body the ability to reunite the edges of the wound rather than go through the process of scab formation.  This is beneficial because it results in less scar tissue.  If the cells at the edge of the wound can expand and multiply to fill the space without the need for an a scab you virtually eliminate scarring.  When the edges are too far apart for the cells to reach each other (this is not a very big gap at all from our macroscopic point of view), or if they have already gone too far in the scab formation process, you end up with actual scar tissue developing and that can be both less functional and less aesthetic.

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