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This went out last week, so some of the upcoming is now just happened…but us you aren’t getting this in your inbox and want it let me know at modalities@shaw.ca.

I’ll be away in March but otherwise just looking forward to spring!
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What’s in here?

Look to the right for upcoming events around town.
For those using online booking the new schedule has a bit of a trick to it.  You will stay in either the schedule (early or late) that you start in unless you back out to the big calendar view and go in again.  If time seems to be flying awful fast when you are searching, make sure you aren’t skipping weeks.  It is not an ideal solution but it is the only one that was reasonable to administer.
Someone recently offered me some support on the CityHub network, for which I thank-you, whoever you are, including noting that my “newsletter was actually interesting”.  If pursuit of living up to that praise I am including a brief article about connective tissue, posture and yoga – including a yoga workshop a colleague of mine is hosting this weekend below.  The less scintillating notes about my office policies will go up on my website.
Finally, there is a new email for me.  The shobbs11@shaw.ca will continue to work but I have created modalities@shaw.ca which should be pretty easy to remember if you’re trying to reach me electronically.

Enjoy and thanks for reading,
— Sheila Hobbs

Upcoming Events

Yoga for Scoliosis workshop
10-12:30, Victoria
with Kathryn Kusysyzn

“Wheat Belly” author
William Davies evening

7-9:30pm, Victoria Conference Centre

Dance Dance Renovation
8pm, Braefoot Community Association
a dance and silent auction to help build their new building

various, The Belfry

Pizzaria Primastrada
$25 3-course meal with $5 going to the Heart and Stoke Foundation

Festa della Donna
Pizzaria Primastrada
Proceeds to the BC Farm Women’s Network Scholarship Fund

Office Hours

Early Weeks
(17-21/2; 3-5/3; 17/21/3; etc)

alternate with

Late Weeks
(24-28/2; 12-14/3; 24-28/3; etc)

March 6-11

I will be off in Vancouver being an examiner with the College of Massage Therapy of BC

Extended Hours:
March 17-21

Max will be at a daycamp that is longer than school, so here are some extra times just after I get back.

Connecting Fascia, Posture and Yoga

Most of you know that I am a big fan of fascia, a significant portion of my practice focuses on the manipulation of fascia and the scars that bind and mis-connect it.  The short answer of what fascia is comes from one of my instructor back in massage school who said, “It’s the bag we walk around in”, a slightly less metaphorical definition is that it is the tissue that separates and contains the structures of the body allowing coherent movement of, and glide between, structures in the body.

Fascia is integral to posture because as our body takes on habitual positions and movements our body reorganized itself to accommodate those patterns and increase its efficiency.  The body will bind and shorten fascia to help passively maintain altered posture so that it doesn’t have to use muscle to hold position.  However, because fascia encloses those muscles, they can become shortened and thickened as they are crowded into the new form of their “bag”.  Overall muscle health and function can be decreased by these changes.

The kind of traditional stretching most of us learned in gym (elongate one segment of the body and hold 30 seconds) is aimed at muscle.  Muscles generally stretch over one, or at most two, joints and adapts very quickly to input.  Not a bad thing to do to re-establish length in a muscle that has been busily contracting in activity.  The limitation of this type of stretching to help alter posture is to short to impact fascia – both in time and scope.  Good fascial stretching involves prolonged time intervals (2+ minutes) and multiple, sequential segments, if that sounds familiar you may some familiarity with yoga.

Yoga promotes long stretches in combined movements of multiple body parts.  These movements mirror functional and fascial connections in the body and help us counteract the limitations created by repetitive movements and poor posture.  The yoga for scoliosisworkshop I have listed under the upcoming events is led by Kathryn Kusyszyn, who is an excellent instructor and experienced in several fields of study.  She is also part of my self-care team!  She has focused on the use of yoga to balance and untwist the patterns of scoliosis.  The workshop this weekend and those she has planned in future offer a good foundation not only for those with scoliosis but also for anyone who finds their body to be unbalanced from side to side – which is the majority of people.  We all have dominant sides and chronic postures that tend to push us out of symmetry and balance.  This workshop will help you begin to find tools to undo that imbalance and move yourself toward symmetry.

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