About me

The facts:  I am a woman, a mother, a sister, an aunt, a friend, an orphan, a foodie, a learner and a reader.  By profession I am a massage therapist and a wellness consultant.

I am a single parent and son is a thriving young boy.  Keeping up with him and the demands of a small business and a big, old, house seems to fill all the hours of the day.  Though I try to sneek in the odd hour for myself too.

This is the fast-paced, multi-faceted reality of most of our lives.  As both a massage therapist and a wellness consultant I seek to relieve some of the stress that this brings to your life.

As a massage therapist I seek to relieve the bodily woes that physical activity and stress inflicts on bodies.  I provide a peaceful and welcoming retreat from the chaos of the rest of the world and high quality, personalized, evidence based treatments.

As a wellness consultant I extend support to those seeking assistance across the full spectrum of their wellness.  I provide a calm, well-informed voice to help you bring sense into your wellness care and to minimize the fear of the unknown that can accompany health troubles.

I chose the name Modalities, which means “ways of doing things”, for my business because I believe in a multi-disciplinary approach to wellness.   In my massage practice I apply several different techniques tailoring your care to your issues and your body.  As a wellness consultant I believe in seeking out the best options for my clients looking within both the allopathic and the complementary world.  The name Modalities was my way of embracing all the ways there are of improving my clients’ well-being.

In addition to writing the blog you can find under Thoughts .