I am happy to announce that it has introduced a few products of my creation that will be for sale in the office.  I am carrying a small selection of bath and body products scented with my own Modalities signature scent.  I have several first aid supplies and a sleep assisting spray.  I also carry diaper cream and massage oil for babies and am happy to put together care kits for babies that include several additional products.  I am happy to custom-blend products at your request from the available oils in my office.  See below for a list of products.  Brief descriptions of the products are found on this page.


Modalities Aromatherapy Product List

Product volume sale price
healing spray 30 ml $5.00
healing spray 60 ml $8.00
healing spray 120 ml $10.00
salve for aches 15ml $6.00
salve for aches 30ml $8.00
hamster spray 30ml $6.00
hamster spray 60ml $8.00
hamster spray 120ml $10.00
summer solution 120 ml $8.00
summer solution 240 ml $12.00
bum barrier 15ml $5.00
bum barrier 30ml $8.00
bum barrier 60ml $12.00
newborn massage oil 30ml $5.00
newborn massage oil 60ml $7.00
growing fast massage oil 30ml $6.00
growing fast massage oil 60ml $9.00
Modalities Massage Oil 120 ml $2.39
Modalities Body Wash 240 ml $1.78
Modalities Bath Salts – jar 500 ml $2.50
Modalities Bath Salts – jar 1 L $2.96
epsom salt/oil sets (3 scents) set $15.00