Direct Orders

I use aromatherapy in both my work and my home.  I have found several oils to have beneficial effects and to smell simply lovely. When I first became interested in aromatherapy products I often had trouble finding specific oils and was uncertain as to the quality. As I came to use more oils and began to blend them for my use and for those around me I have grown in confidence and understanding.

I want to make the process of integrating aromatherapy into your life a bit simpler.  In addition to offering blended products in the office anytime, I am offering the opportunity to order products at cost+20% (does not include GST).  Orders go out about every eight weeks, click here to see the schedule for 2014.

Have your requests for direct order essential oils and aromatherapy products in by  Monday, May 5th. Contact me by phone or email to place you order.  Once I place the order I will let you know when you can pick up your product.

Below is a list of just a few of the products my supplier has, including some of their natural skin care.  The prices already have the 20% added, but GST will still need to be calculated on any orders.


 Prices current as of April 25th, 2012 and include the 20% mark-up

Aromatherapy Products

prices will have HST added

Description Size Price
Description Size Price
Base Oils

Essential Oils

Sweet Almond Oil 250 ml $6.42
Bergamot 12 ml $14.17

500 ml $12.12
Cedarwood, Atlas 12 ml $4.69
Apricot Kernel Oil 250 ml $9.30
Cinnamon, bark 5 ml $12.25
Evening Primrose Oil 120 ml $21.48
Clary Sage 5 ml $9.70
Hazelnut Oil 120 ml $6.78
Eucalyptus, Globulus 12 ml $5.24
Hemp Oil 250 ml n/a
Eucalyptus, Radiata 12 ml $8.64
Jojoba Oil (wax) 120 ml $11.82
Frankincense 5 ml 8.29
Neem Oil 120 ml $11.46
Geranium 5 ml 8.52
Aloe Vera Gel 1 L $18.66
Lavender 12 ml $11.58
Massage blend oil 360 ml $11.40
Lemon 12 ml $6.30
Mango body butter creme 400 g $22.62
Lime 12 ml $8.34
Bath and Body

Manuka 5 ml $9.30
Body Wash 360 ml $12.30
Orange, Sweet 12 ml $3.64
Mineral Salts 1.5 kg $8.58
Palmarosa 12 ml $9.76
Green Clay 500 g $16.74
Peppermint 12 ml $8.20
Aloe Face Cleanser 130 ml $8.82
Rose (10%) 5 ml $18.65
Calming Creme Cleanser 130 ml $14.76
Rose (100%) 5 ml $148.75
Exfoliating Creme Cleanser 130 ml $17.04
Sandalwood 5 ml $29.02
Neroli toner 50 ml $13.68
Tea tree 12 ml $6.30
Rose toner 50 ml $11.70
Ylang Ylang 5 ml $9.24
Willowbark Clearing toner 50 ml $11.46

Antioxidant face creme 50 g $12.96
Lavender 130 ml $10.74
Calendula face creme 50 g $26.40

500 ml $26.28
Radiance night face creme 50 g $26.82
Orange Blossom 130 ml $19.44
Cooling Cucumber mask 130 g $32.22
Rose 130 ml $12.66
Detoxifying clay mask 80 g $19.08

Rose & White Tea hydrating mask 60 g $15.96


car diffuser 1 $10.32
plug-in diffuser 1 $10.32
ultrasonic diffuser 1 $41.40

My supplier of choice is Rae Dunphy’s True Essence Aromatherapy, a Calgary based small business.  I know that they seek high quality product, familiarize themselves with their growers and processors, and are alway increasing their own understanding of all the  phases of essential oil production, improving their already high standards.  For information about longevity and care for your aromatherapy products click here