In office products

Product Descriptions:

Modalities Signature Scent: The signature scent of Modalities echoes the ongoing goals of Modalities Massage Therapy – to heal, soothe, strengthen and balance the body, mind and spirit.  Frankincense and pine soothe aches and calm breathing, the citrus tang of lime and bergamot uplift and balance the mood and the skin, finally lavender and palmarosa round out the blend with grassy, herbal notes the clean the air and buoy immune function.  Body wash, epsom salts and  massage/body oil with this scent are available in the office

Hamster Killer: I developed this spray for use on my pillow at bedtime when my thoughts are a busy and persistent as a hamster on his wheel. Think of this spray as a little scented hammer with which to knock that rodent out and let you both get some rest.

Summer Solution: a blend of lemongrass and other aromatic essential oils that both deters bugs and reduces the itch and stings of bites you do get.  Frequent re-application is necessary to ensure continued protections.

Healing Spray: A blend of aloe gel, lavender and tea tree this spray prevents infection, soothes inflammation and encourages healing of small scrapes and burns.

Winter Warmer: A blend of pine, lemon, ravintsara, hyssop, cinnamon and niaouli this blend is full of immune boosting and ati-viral/bacterial oils that also gently evoke the seasonal smells of winter, shoring up your spirits and you body.

Bare Bottom Bum Cream:  An animal, petroleum and nut free barrier cream for infants and toddlers that combines the healing power of lavender and German chamomile essential oils with the healing and protective qualities of zinc oxide to prevent and treat diaper rash and other skin irritations.  Bare bottom bum cream can be used for reddened bottoms, cheeks, noses and any other part of your child’s skin.  Use only as needed in your child’s first two months and then you can choose to also use it as a preventative.  

Growing Fast Massage Oil:  Using a rice bran base oil this product is lightly scented with lavender, geranium and roman chamomile.  These essential oils will help discourage colds and flu while promoting restfulness and nourishing the skin.

Newborn Massage Oil: a 100% pure rice bran oil this product is for use on the newest babies and those with the most delicate skin.  Rice bran oil is nourishing for the skin while being light enough not to clog baby’s skin.

 Epsom salts and massage/body oil: sold both individually (500ml salts, and 120 ml oils) and in sets these products are generally available in a lively citrus scent and a super soothing “stress bomb” scent to offer alternatives to the slightly soothing, balancing signature/Modalities blend.


 Specialty products tailored to your purposes and/or scent preferences are available by request, just ask