Why Massage?

If you are suffering with:

  • tension headache, migraine, low back or neck pain
  • muscle spasm
  • sports injury –  pulled muscle, sprain
  • overuse syndrome – tendonitis, plantar fascitis
  • chronic condition – MS, fibromyalgia
  • postural problems – head forward posture

Massage can help relieve your symptoms, restore your function and work toward resolving the source of the problem.

In all situations massage helps to decrease stress and pain while enhancing your ability to achieve proper rest, speeding healing and improving waking function.

Acute conditions: I directly address the affected area to treat pain and speed healing.  I also treat compensatory structures to prevent further problems from developing.

Intermittent and reoccurring conditions: I work to both reduce the current pain and to discover the root cause of the issue to help decrease future flare-ups.

Ongoing conditions: When faced with an  underlying issue that may prevent full resolution I focus on relieving pain and maintaining function at the maximum possible level.

I apply  variety of techniques, aka modalities, according to my interview and assessment at the beginning of your treatment.

More information found on the “My Techniques” page.  You can also check out “What my client’s say”

I believe strongly in the need to support all aspects of my client’s wellness – mental, emotional and physical.  My office is a warm inviting space within, but separate from, my home.  I have created a professional environment where comfort and ease are included in the process of improving your wellness.

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