…for tennis elbow

Tennis Elbow, anyone?

Do you have:

  • pain on the outside of your elbow some or all of the time?
  • pain when you lift heavy objects?
  • notice less strength in your grip.
  • a tendency for your wrist to give way when you lift things?

Not a tennis player?  That doesn’t matter.  The clinical name for tennis elbow is lateral epicondylitis.  Basically it is a repetitive stress injury caused by any activity that involves lifting heavy objects with the hand or doing repetitive extension movement at the wrist.   All racquet sports are risk factors, as are rowing/sculling, filing, pulling espresso shots, computer mousing and carrying too heavy grocery bags.

The plan:

I – combine fascial release, trigger point therapy and deep tissue massage

I – provide home care and remedial exercises

You –  do the home care and  help me find the cause (essential for long-term recovery).

You –  do not give up an activity you love.

Bonus – much of the restorative home care is useful for periodic use to prevent a recurrence.

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