Additional Training

This is an almost complete summary of my continuing education training since becoming an RMT.  Some dates are fuzzy and I am missing a couple courses, but this is most of it, in mostly chronological order.


  • Osteopathic Techniques (October 2005) with Ann Sleeper: an introduction to the basic philosophy of osteopathy and basic spinal and rib techniques.
  • Integrated Assessment and Treatment of the Pelvic and Hip (October 2006)
  • Anatomy and treatment of the head and jaw with Mike Dixon: a review of the anatomy of the neck, jaw and skull with mechanical release techniques for the muscles and joints of those areas
  • Integrate Assessment and Treatment of Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction with Scott Larke (March 2009): a review of the structure and function of the neck and jaw with functional assessment techniques and the use of muscle energy techniques (isotonic muscle contraction) to release
  • Video replay of the 1st International Fascial Research Congress (fall 2007): a showing of selected presentations from the congress regarding current laboratory and clinical research on the fascial system of the body
  • Anatomy Trains Level One with Mark Finch (June 6-7/09): this course provided instruction on the fascial treatment techniques developed by Tom Myers. Techniques were given regarding primarily mechanical interventions for fascial restrictions.
  • Understanding our Connective Tissue with Willem Fourie (May 17-19, 2010: this course offered information about the fascial anatomy of the shoulder and torso and reviewed the surgical procedures involved in lumpectomies and mastectomies. Practical work focused on shoulder and neck work.
  • Fascia as a Sensory Organ and Fascial Fitness with Robert Schleip (Nov 5-7 2010): this course reviewed the innervation and structure of fascial while offer various practical techniques designed to impact the neural feedback to improve tone, function and hydration of connective (fascial) tissue
  • Connective Tissue, Advance Course with Willem Fourie (April 26-27 2011): this course reviewed the various surgeries that harvest muscle tissue for breast reconstruction and their impact on the body. Practical work included release on the shoulder, abdomen, and back
  • Third International Fascia Research Congress, Vancouver, BC (March 28-30, 2012): this congress brings together clinicians and researchers interested in the growing field of connective (fascial) tissue work. Keynote and breakout sessions provided research results from laboratory and clinical studies.