Insured Visits

If you are seeking to make use of WorkSafe BC (WCB), MSP, ICBC or third-party insurance (i.e. blue cross) use the information below to give you an idea both of your general options and my policies.

WorkSafe BC: As part of the WorkSafeBC Massage Therapy Network  I provide service to WorkSafeBC claimants in accordance with the agreement between the Massage Therapists Association of BC (MTABC) and WorksafeBC.  Given the fee schedule set by this agreement I have specific appointment lengths for WorkSafeBC patients.  Initial Visits are 35 mins in duration and include history taking and assessment.  Subsequent treatments are of 20 min duration and have a small re-assessment component included.  I am not able to treat anything other than the injured area that is in the claim.  WorkSafeBC does allow me to address areas excluding the injured area for an Injured Worker if they book a seperate appointment, which may be consecutive to the covered appointment.  If an Injured Worker is receiving care from another practitioner (ie. physio) I may not bill WorksafeBC without permission from WorkSafeBC

MSP: I am opted out from MSP, which means I take privately paying clients and submit a claim to MSP for their visit.  Patients receive a reimbursement of $23.00 per appointment within 2-4 weeks.  Only those on subsidy from MSP are eligible for any coverage and they have a limit of 10 visits from a pool of 5 practitioner types (massage, chiropractic, physiotherapy, podiatry and acupuncture).  Additional visits are sometimes available but require your GP to authorize them (this is the last I heard, it may have changed)

ICBC: At this time I am not accepting clients for direct billing to ICBC.  Inquire with your adjuster if they will cover your privately paid appointments.  ICBC has a quite strict 8 week time frame for coverage, so do not delay!

Blue Cross: I have a billing number with Blue Cross that allows me to bill directly for RCMP, military and DVA patients in accordance with their plans.  Reimbursement is available to University of Victoria grad students covered by the UVIC grad student health.  Others covered under Blue Cross should inquire with their plan contact as to how their plan deals with massage therapy billing.

Greenshields: I am registered with Greenshields and can provide direct billing to some plans (UVIC undergrads and staff).  Please inquire with your provider as to their policies regarding massage therapy

Great West Life: Some GWL plans allow for direct billing by RMTs.  Shaw Cable is one employer whose plan allows for direct billing. Others covered under GWL should inquire with their plan contact as to how their plan deals with massage therapy billing.

Other providers: Please inquire with your carrier to find out how they deal with Registered Massage Therapists.

Feel free to contact me if you require clarification on any of these policies.