RMT Services

Therapeutic Massage: This type of massage makes use of a thorough assessment and targeted approach to resolving a specific issue.  Any of the techniques can be used according to what is appropriate

Stress Relief Massage: This type of massage is aimed at relieving tension in the body to facilitate the relief of tension in the mind.  Primarily fascial and swedish massage techniques are used with gentle to moderate depth and degree and a slow, broad contact.  This treatment will decrease the activity of your fight and flight stress response, shifting you into your rest and repair mode.

Aromatherapy Massage: Essential oils can be incorporated into any of your treatments.  I use Modalities Signature blend unless otherwise requested. A custom blend can be put together by me in consultation as to your goals and preferences or we can simply add a drop or two of your favorite scent from my available oils.  Allow the beautiful scent and the powerful natural chemicals to restore, invigorate or ease your mind and body.  For more about aromatherapy at Modalities, click one of the following links: stock aromatherapy products,  custom productsaromatherapy supplies, my blogs

Parafin Dip: Add an application of parafin wax to your treatment to ease the aches of arthritis and/or encourage circulation to the hands or feet.  There is an additional charge of $15 for this treatment.