I am a strong believer that the best way to maintain health and wellness in your life is to participate positively in your own care.  The first step to positive participation is understanding what you can do and why it will help.  You can receive the best piece of advice, but if you do not understand why you should listen, chances are you won’t.  Won’t listen, and certainly won’t follow through.

In support of better understanding and improving proactive self-care I offer talks and workshops on a variety of topics.  Below is a short list of the sort of topic areas I cover.


Basic Massage:  A workshop that offers basic introduction to massage theory and practice by teaching you how to give a seated back and neck massage.  Basic safe, easy techniques designed to ease muscle tightness and stress in the receiver without the giver succumbing to hand cramps are taught.  This is a day long workshop and requires pairing up of participants.

Home and self-care for the office worker: This is a talk and demonstration that looks at some of the most common injuries experienced by those working at desks all day and how to help prevent them through daily habits and periodic home care.  The talk will include some background about the nature of the conditions, why they are common, their signs and symptoms and some active demonstrations of the self-care best suited to preventing these conditions.  I will also discuss treatment options if you do develop these conditions.

Infant Massage:  Looking for something interesting to do at your child’s first birthday or for a special get together of young Mom’s?  Just looking for ways to bond with your child – or help them sleep?   Based on the drop in massage class I teach at the Mothering Touch,  this class covers the basics of a full body massage and includes basic safety tips and information about the benefits of massage.

Treating acute conditions with Massage Therapy: Often massage is associated with relaxation and symptom relief rather than resolution of conditions.  This is a short talk about how Registered Massage Therapy can benefit acute conditions and speed recovery from injury.

Massage Therapy and (surgical) scars or FASCIA, FASCIA, FASCIA: This talk looks at the benefits of connective tissue (fascial) release in dealing with the pain and restriction of movement often develops post-surgically.  Fascial release work is not a new idea but recent research is evolving the methods and uses for this modality.  The success of this type of work with both scars of all types (surgical, injury, burn) and with long-term postural distortions is increasing and offers success where treatments focused on bones, joint, and muscles have not had success.

Please contact me if you wish to have me speak to a group or have questions about my services and rates.