Muscle Energy

This technique uses the body’s own neural feedback system to relieve muscle spasm, re-elongate muscle, and restore proper joint mobility.  This is a gentle, non-invasive technique that is used to affect the skeletal system without the high thrust manipulations of chiropractics.

By moving the body into a position that stretches the affected tissue and then having you, the patient, perform an isometric contraction of those muscles (contracting them without changing their length) against manual resistance this technique works beautifully to release tension in muscles and restoring proper tone and length in those tissues and  joints that were restricted can begin to move normally as well.

Muscle Energy as a technique refers to the use of this modality to treating the spine and pelvis, however the same principles applied to larger joints and muscles under the name of Contract-Relax Stretching, which has long been used in athletics to increase mobility quickly and to aid in the restoration function post-injury.