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August newsletter

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Modalities Massage Therapy

August Newsletter


Dear clients, This Thursday, August 23rd, is the deadline for aromatherapy orders.  Check out the webpage on direct orders for the short list of products and pricing.  Contact me by phone or email to place your order. As always, orders should be in within a week and I will contact you regarding pick-up. Beginning in September there will be some small changes in my work schedule.  I will be teaching infant massage at Mothering Touch again but on Wednesday mornings and I will no longer be working at Achieve Health Monday and Wednesday mornings.  In terms of hours here at Modalities there will be only small changes and a continuation of the ‘temporary’ addition of Tuesday mornings.  New hours as of September 1/2012 will be:

Monday: 10am to 6pm Tuesdays: 10am to 4:30pm; one 7 pm appointment Wednesdays: 12:30pm to 4:30pm Thursdays: 9am to 4:30pm; one 7 pm appointment Friday: 10am to 6pm

I have been doing some blogging lately and wanted to share those thoughts with you. The following links will take you to them: food and drug efficacy and DNR and final wishes.

As we move into the fall I hope that we all have the opportunity to enjoy some more warm weather and sunshine. For those of you coming under the influence of school I hope your return to classes goes smoothly.

Best wishes,

Sheila Hobbs, RMT



Aromatherapy and a change in hours….

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Happy spring to you all,

I have decided to place an unscheduled aromatherapy order this Friday so if there are any essential oils, base oils, skin care products or the like you wish to buy from my supplier for the usual 20% mark up please let me know by Thursday night.  To see a selection you can go to the website.  Please note that the listed prices include the 20% mark up, but will have HST added.

As you all know I have been teaching baby massage classes at the Mothering Touch since September.  I have found it to be a lovely addition to my practice.  Due to lower numbers in the nice weather though we have decided to call off classes for the summer and resume in the fall on a new day.  What this means to you is that I will be adding Tuesday morning hours for the summer.  As of this coming week Tuesday hours will be from 10 to 5.  I will still be offering the Tuesday night time at 7pm.

I hope the spring is finding you and that you are enjoying the long, light evenings.

Sheila Hobbs, RMT
Modalities Wellness


Christmas Aromatherapy

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This is my shortest post ever – just a heads up really –

I am offering some specially priced packages of my aromatherapy products for Christmas – come see what’s on offer….

I will also be doing an order with my supplier for those of you wanting your own essential oils or related products on November 18th so contact me with your wishes…


Aromatherapy Order

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A quick note.  I am going to place an aromatherapy order soon and wanted to get the word out.

The order will be placed on Monday the 8th of August, so please have your orders to me by the evening of Sunday the 6th.  A open office pick up will happen of the Monday the 15th of August at Modalities from 5:30 to 7.  I am happy to make private arrangements foMediar those who can not make the 15th.

These details can be found on my aromatherapy orders page along with a short sampling of available products.  Feel free to contact me if you have questions about a specific product you do not see listed.


Aromatherapy 6 – carrier oil care and feeding

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As using essential oil directly on the body at full strength is almost never a good idea, the next thing we should look at is carrier oils. These include products like almond oil, jojoba oil, borage oil, pretty much any oils you can think of and probably many you have never heard of (baobab anyone?).  I find these oils have shorter life expectancy’s and, unlike essential oils, actually go rancid.  I have actually had carrier product go off, even when kept under the best conditions.

Carrier oils, unlike essential oils, are fatty oils with big molecules that are much less stable and oxidize very quickly.  Most carriers have a life expectancy of about 9-15 months.  The least stable (grapeseed) only last 6-9 months.  Some, very stable bases can last a couple of years.  Jojoba and coconut are such long lived carriers – but then jojoba is a wax and coconut is a saturated oil that is solid at room temperature so they are hardly typical.

Care of Carrier Oils:

  • refridgerate
  • keep in appropriately sized containers (if you use half your litre bottle, move the oil into a 500 ml bottle)
  • keep tightly capped

Carrier oils are fine to be in plastic as they do not eat through it the way that essential oils do but otherwise the basic rules are similar to those for caring for essential oils.


What to do with products once they are mixed?  Go by the expiration of the least stable ingredient.  If you have used Jojoba or Rice Bran as a base, which both have year long life spans and you have used all citrus oils in the blend then the 6-9 month expectancy is the one to use.  Keep in mind that we often keep the products we are using daily in less than ideal conditions (i.e. the bathroom, which fluctuates wildly in temperature and may be very bright) or containers, plus we open them a lot, letting in lots of nasty oxygen, all of these factors will shorten the effective life of these products, meaning you may want to go with the short end of the range, or maybe even shorter.



Aromatherapy Products 5 – use before for essential oils?

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On Friday someone who has purchased aromatherapy products from me in the past was in and we got to discussing issues around the shelf life of oils.  She was surprised to find out that essential oils do have some limits to their useful life and suggested I post some guidelines on my website.  [On a side note – I am always happy to have suggestions for information to blog about or have on the website.]


On to the meat of the issue.  Can essential oils last forever? Some say yes, given the right conditions. Their right condition (tightly sealed in a cool, dark place) seem to  pretty much preclude use – so, I am going to go with no, essential oils do not last forever.  Keep in mind that the time frames I am going to be talking about apply to the therapeutic  effectiveness of the oils.  If you are only using the oils for scent purposes the whole timeline is different.  Either way, some simple precautions can help extend the useful life of your essential oils.

Storage Guidelines:

  • dark, glass bottles (they eat plastic, which is not good for them or the plastic)
  • tightly capped (to keep out oxygen)
  • in dim/dark steady temperature environment (cooler is better but fluctuation is the real killer)
  • buy good, pure, products

Very simple and straightforward.  Basically you need to take into account that these are volatile (yes, they are flammable) oils that, as all oils do, oxidize (change chemical structure in the presence of oxygen).  UV is hard on them and high temperatures and sudden changes speed the oxidation process.  The above safeguards will ensure that your essential oils last as long as possible.

Within those guidelines there is still a range of life expectancy that varies based to a large extent on how it was prepared and to the actual chemical composition.  Most essential oils are steam distilled and have a life span of about 2 years.  The conifer (i.e fir, pine) tree oils and tea tree are exceptions as they deteriorate more quickly, around 12-18 months.  On the shorter side are cold pressed oils, the citrus oils fall into this group.  In fact the citrus oils are the most volatile of the oils and only maintain peak condition for 9-12 months.  More viscous oils (rose, thyme, eucalyptus, patchouli) last longer and can actually improve over time.  By the way these timelines also echo another aspect of aromatherapy mixing – the idea of top, middle and base note; respectively the scents that dominate the scent first, second and third with the staying power increasing for each.

Some of the products used in essential oils that are actually absolutes (extracted by solvents).  These can be very long lived, up to five years and can include: rose, jasmine, vanilla and several other oils.

Given this broad spectrum, noting purchase dates is a wise idea, as is keeping in mind that these dates indicate when the oils begin to become less effective therapeutically – not when they suddenly ‘go bad’.  Do not go and throw out your oils the day after they expire, just be aware that the oil is not as potent as it was and that it may be wise to replace it sooner rather than later.  If you are only using the oils for their nice smell, feel free to keep on using it until your nose tells you it is time to go.  The oils do not become harmful just less useful.

Oils that have changed scent, thickened (compared to time of purchase) or become cloudy are well past their best before date and should be replaced.

Let’s quickly consider dilutions of essential oils.  I tend to buy rose oil in a 2% dilution – the $150 price tag for the 100% is very steep and rose is not a favorite of mine.  I simply keep in mind that a drop of the oil is 98% base oil and use appropriate amounts.  This also means that the 5ml bottle empties quickly, which is good as it will go off much quicker than pure rose oil (i.e. – 9-12 months vs 5+ years).  May of the more expensive oils are available in the diluted format, just keep in mind how that changes the parameters of use and you are fine to use them.

The great thing about the oils I order is that both all the essential oils have the method of extraction on the side, along with the scientific name of the plant and the country of origin.


Other places I visited while writing this: quinessense and aromaweb


Aromatherapy Products 4 – Custom products

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The last topic I will talk about in this series are some of the custom products I offer.  First, I will note that I have lavender and tea tree essential oils on hand for retail sale.  They are a higher cost than ordering them for yourself, but there is the nice instant gratification part.

Custom orders are welcome.  Pricing will be determined on a per order basis and be dependent on the cost of ingredients and the quantity ordered.

I will custom mix oil, salts, lotion, body wash, or a spray with a blend of essential oils designed to reflect your scent preferences and/or your aims for the product.  The base oil, lotion, salts and wash are all available for purchase without scent if you would like to blend your own or just want something plain.  Sprays are a wonderful option to refresh the skin or to use on fabrics (i.e. pillowcases) to enjoy the immediate benefits of the essential oils.

I have already begun to supply custom orders.  Order so far have included: anti-fungal foot care and a body wash tailored to accomodate allergies and scent preferences.  One client has gotten both bath salts and a concentrate (high percentage of essential oils in a base oil) in the same sleep enhancing, stress reducing formula.  A concentrate can be a nice option if you want something to add to your own base products or if you just want to be able to smell them.

special baby pack


I have also created a set of products for babies. These products have set ingredients and set pricing but require a special order for me to put them together (*NOTE: right now there is one remaining mini baby pack in the office that is a small bum on the run travel size diaper cream and a 30ml bottle of an general use massage oil*).  The oils used are safe for babies of two months or older.  There is diaper cream, massage oils (I am happy to do a private lesson to instruct new Mom’s in basic infant massage) and some essential oil blends that can be dispersed in the air by adding them to a warm bowl of water (an actual diffuser is not a good choice for use with an infant as it releases too much scent for too long).

The diaper cream (bum barrier, or ‘bum on the run’ in a travel size) is one of the most tried and popular products.  The first version was made over eight years ago for my niece, it received excellent reviews from both her parents and her daycare workers.  Since the initial batches I have improved the cream by eliminating all petroleum and creating a more stable, easily used product.  The other products in the line are designed to keep the air clean and fresh, minimize cold symptoms, encourage sleep and generally keep a baby’s beautiful soft skin just that way.  A complete list of the products available in the baby line follows.


Baby Aromatherapy

description volume cost
bum barrier – small 2 oz $12.00
bum barrier – large 8 oz $45.00
growing fast massage oil 120 ml $20.00
fretful baby massage oil 30 mL $12.00
sleepy baby concentrate 5ml $12.00
cough and cold synergy 5ml $12.00
baby starter pack pack $100.00

(starter pack includes a set of instructions of best uses and customized names on the labels are possible)



Aromatherapy Products 3 – sleepy time spray

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The other special use product I have been stocking is a spray to help encourage sleep.  I call it Hamster Killer – which always seems to get a second glance – because I designed it to shut down my mind hamster and let me sleep.

I have had times when I have trouble falling asleep because my mind is circling around a series of thoughts and concerns without really getting anywhere, much like a pet hamster on its wheel.

Blending bergamot, cedarwood, lavender, roman chamomille and ylang ylang I created a spray that seems to get that mind hamster off his wheel.  A couple of sprays misted onto my face or pillow allows me to drift into a peaceful rest.