About your Wellness Consultant

001My name is Sheila Hobbs, and I am a Wellness Consultant.  I began my career in the health industry as a Registered Massage Therapist and continue to pursue that calling.  As a massage therapist I have gained a solid foundation in anatomy (what the body looks like), physiology (what the body does) and pathology (what happens when the body isn’t well).  This basis, along with strong research skills and a lot of personal experience helping loved ones deal with illness has left me with a unique combination of skills.

Wellness Consulting is how I use my combination of skills to provide support and care for other people.  Not being sick is a good thing, but it is just one part of wellness.  I believe true wellness comes when you feel that you understand and can successful deal with your body and that your body can successfully deal with your life.  Sometimes we must contend with a long term or permanent diagnosis of a sickness, but that does not preclude being well.

I strive daily to keep wellness in my life and to ensure that my family is on a path that benefits them as well.  

Can I help you find your wellness?