Fees and hours



The office is open Monday to Friday with variable hours.


Basic Rates: (all fees include GST)

Personal Appointments: $120/hour

Research and reporting: $60/hour


Personal Health History Portfolio Package:

Flat Fee: $250

This package includes:

  • the creation of a Personal Health History (PHH) portfolio appropriate to your situation
  • an initial consultation of 45 minutes to get your basic information and establish your needs and what information might be missing
  • a 30 minute orientation appointment to show you the portfolio and the basic use of it
  • master copies of the documents I have created for the PHH portfolio for your future use
  • a 15 minute follow-up within the month to answer any questions you may have



Health Crisis Management Package:

Flat Fee: $500

This package includes the following:

  • development of a personal health history specific to the situation and instruction on the best use of that document
  • three hours of  personal appointment time that will be used to gather information, discuss options and develop a plan of action for your situation.  These appointments can be one on one or include a partner, family member(s) or caregiver(s) who you wish to include in your planning
  • a report outlining the action plan we develop, with details regarding follow-up activities needing further attention
  • accompaniment at up to three doctor visits
  • any reasonable number of e-mail or phone contacts to clarify our planning or receive support with your situation over the period of the care relationship

Ongoing Wellness Care:

Monthly Rate: $350.00/month

This package includes the following services:

  • at onset of the relationship the development of a personal health history
  • one hour long personal appointment with myself, either by phone or in person per month.
  • a monthly report on any contact between us and update of your personal health history, provided at the visit
  • e-mail notice of local events that pertain to your interests/conditions/needs
  • e-mail notification of any important developments that pertain to your priorities/needs (i.e. for a diabetic I would inform them if I learned of a new treatment option or study that could improve your wellness).
  • a once yearly review of your wellness. This would include a a re-assessment of their physical/mental/emotional state, give them a chance review life and priority changes. The timing of this would be around the anniversary of our relationship
  • help to prepare for any doctor visits or care changes you are undertaking
  • support to seek out additional resources and assistance