Health Crisis Management and Planning: With any major health diagnosis a whole new world opens up in front of you.  I offer assistance in discovering, assessing and planning for the changes you face.    Let me help shed light on this new pathway and ensure your steps are steady and sure.  More information?

Personal Health History Compilation: Support and an experienced voice to help you compile a record of your health, past and present, to provide easy reference for caregivers, family and medical staff.  More information?

Doctor Visits: Going to a doctor, especially a specialist, is daunting.  I am happy to accompany you on your visit and/or to help you prepare.

Confusing Symptoms: Are you experiences a strange variety of symptoms and are having trouble discerning what is causing them?  I provide research into your symptoms to help you clarify possibilities so you can move forward on your journey to wellness.

Elder Support: Do you have a parent who is aging and whose health situation is causing your concern and requiring more of your time and energy?  With their consent and participation we can all work together to reduce any stress and anxiety on both your parts.  More information?

Care Integration: Seeing several practitioners?  To maximize the benefit you can get from your treatments let me act as a nexus to ensure you are getting the most from you health care dollar

Care Selection: Baffled by the number of options for care?  Unsure which option would serve you best?  I can help you decide.  I am familiar with many care modalities and can make suggestions as to what type might best resolve your concerns.

Education: If you are looking to learn more about your current health and what your options are to improve or maintain it I am happy to sit down with you and facilitate that process.


If you have any questions about these services please contact me at 250-361-5246 or by e-mail at and I am happy to provide answers whenever I can