Elder Care

As a parent ages and their health declines the need for their loved ones support grows.  This can be difficult for both sides as the parent is reluctant to become dependent on their child and their child or children try to balance their need to support their parent with their own demanding jobs and/or busy families.  Further complications arise if there are conflicting views about the best way forward, lack of understanding about the health situation, or physical separation between family members.

I can help by:

  • clarifying the current health situation and creating a Personal Health History
  • defining the needs and resources on both sides of the equation
  • exploring what the community has to offer
  • facilitating discussion about how to move forward, providing both sides with a chance to be heard and to clearly hear the others needs and wishes
  • creating an action plan based on the decisions that you reach together, allowing you to move forward with clarity
  • helping to execute the action plan.
  • providing referrals to and/or help in introducing, any external supports you chose to implement
  • developing your skills to successfully deal with future health issues
  • supporting you throughout your journey together


The above are suggestions and may not all apply to you.  Should you be interested in my support with this type of situation I am happy to tailor my services to your situation so that your needs are met.