Crisis Management

What is it?

  • support to ensure your preparation┬áto deal with the significant decisions and changes you are facing due to a change in your health
  • help with understanding exactly what you are facing
  • information about the options offered to you and their likely impacts on your life
  • concrete preparation to move through this challenging time with as much ease as possible – including development of a Personal Health History document specific to this event
  • support in understanding the likely time lines and stages you are facing so you can plan how you wish to move through the time
  • assistance to you and your loved ones in supporting each other through this time
  • assistance finding outside resources
  • an easily accessible calm mind and voice to help you make the best decision
  • someone who is focusing your care on you, not your condition
  • assistance with navigating and interacting with medical professionals
  • guidance regarding alternate health options to support you and your care

Specific details about what I offer as a package to help you through a health diagnosis/crisis is on my fees page