Health History

What is a Personal Health History?

  • A portfolio containing the information medical caregivers need to know about you both for emergency and longer term care.

Why do you want it?

  • So that in moments of stress, ill-health or pain you are not trying to remember the 8 syllable names of the four drugs you take or how many milligrams are in your dose.
  • Those with in-home care it is an easy reference for changes in your care plan and medication dosing
  • When your family comes visiting and you want them to have a quick idea of where your health is.  Share this document with them – and move on to talking about other things

Who might benefit from having one?

  • the elderly – due to the often complex health issues that accompany age – to compensate for a failing or unsure memory
  • people with complex health issues that frequently contact the health care system
  • anyone undertaking a change in their health and wellness
  • people wanting a proactive approach to their care
  • parents sharing custody of children

Doesn’t my doctor have all this?

  • yes, your doctor has a patient file on you containing, at a minimum, all the health related information they have gathered BUT:
    • you are not always with your doctor, nor is he/she always available to consult
    • this is your document, is in your possession and you can share it with whom you choose, when you choose
    • the Personal Health History is designed to quickly and efficiently convey the critical pieces of information that are often scattered in a standard medical file
    • This is more than a summary of medical facts, this is a tool that allows you a part of ensuring your own care


 How do you get one?  I offer both private and workshop based options.