The world of health and wellness is a large and ever-increasing one.  New treatment options, new diagnoses, new practitioners, it can be a bit overwhelming.  As a Wellness Consultant my job is to help my clients understand, plan and manage their wellness in the same way another professional may help them with some other aspects of their lives (i.e. finances, realty, etc).  In order to bring this idea to a broader audience I offer talks about wellness and the need to make ourselves  proactive in our own care.

My talks can focus on some of the exciting new areas of wellness from being an ‘e-patient‘, to narrative healthcare, to integrating mainstream medicine into the alternative and allied health fields that are an ever-expanding part of our world.  As a member of an allied health profession who has encountered, on my own and as a caregiver, had multiple experiences within the medical system, I bring an interesting synthesis of perspectives and backgrounds to my talks which informs my compassion and humour on these subjects.

I seek to bring a positive, open, interactive approach to my talks, encouraging those outlooks in my audience throughout their lives as caregivers to themselves.

Please contact me if you would like me to speak at your event